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  • cosmetic products, cosmetics, cleaning products, household cleaning products, home care products, laundry detergents, detergent, detergents, washing powder, glass cleaner, bleach, room freshener, air freshener, air fresheners, cleaning chemicals, home cleaning products, auto care products, car fresheners, car smells, hygiene paper, paper towel, napkin, wet wipes, baby diapers, baby care, personal care, shampoo, liquid soap, z towel, kalyon, hugva, selin, paper, paper dispensers, detergants, dish
    New target was choosed as household chemicals and other hygiene products market. Since 2010 began actively seeking manufacturing partners of that sector. Short period of
    Telephone: +90 543 863 70 37 Address: Cevizli mahellesi Tugay yolu caddesi no: 12 Nuvo dragos A/135 Maltepe/ İstanbul
  • machine, washing machine, car washing machine, vacuum cleaner, foam machine, seat washing machine, drying machine, air compressors, carpet drying machine, carpet washing machine, steam car wash, oiling machine, floor cleaning machines, washing machine spare part, auto foam machine, machines, washing machines, car washing machines, vacuum cleaners, foam machines, seat washing machines, drying machines, air ocmpressors, carpet drying machines, carpet washing machines, steam car washes, oiling mach
    Our company has aimed to produce quality products and present them to customers in the most appropriate way. We are manufacturer and supplier of products such as ; Carpet
    Telephone: +90 530 600 15 99 Address: Fatih Mahallesi, Oto Parçacılar Sitesi, Koray Sokak, No:4, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • automatic, bench, bust, car, care, carpet, chrome, cleaning, decoration, dent, detail, foam, furniture-paints, garage, lifts, machines, paints, polish, repairs, rubber, shampoo, steam, tools, trucks, upholstery, vehicles, wash, wheel-alignment
    We, Alkone Super Clean Co, Limited is one of Albarakat Group companies which is considered as one of the most reputed and innovative companies in the domain. Our firm is a leading
    Telephone: 00966591008032 Address: Saudi Arabia - JeddahNorth of KAAP Tayba ditrict
  • car care products, car care materials, car care machines, car washing machines, auto detailing machines, auto perfumes, perfumes, auto detailing materials, auto cleaning cloths, auto tea towels, auto cleaning sponges, advanced auto care products, nano-technology car care products, auto cleaning products, auto exterior surface cleaning liquids
    Car Care Products, Car Care Materials, Car Care Machines, Car Washing Machines, Auto Detailing Machines, Turkish Manufacturer Company, Companies Turkey, Manufacturers Turkey,
    Telephone: +90 212 428 73 32 Address: Sanayi Mah., Isıso Sanayi Sitesi, M/Blok No: 8, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey
  • industrial cleaning machines, industrial cleaning equipments, professional cleaning machines, professional cleaning equipments, cleaners, washing machines, central cleaning systems, dedusting equipments, street cleaning vehicles, street sweeping vehicles, cleaning chemicals, carpet cleaning machines, seat washing machines, curtain washing machines, hard surface cleaning machines, floor scrubbing and polishing machines, car washing machines, vacuum cleaners, mosque washing machines
    As BEKATEM MAKINA we started out to sell, rent, machine installation and present the products of CLEANVAC which is the leader of professional cleaning machines in the
    Telephone: +90 216 493 87 87  Address: Göktürk Cad., 1231 B-C E5 Üzeri, İçmeler, Tuzla, İstanbul, Turkey
  • auto care products, oil service products, industrial chemicals, military chemicals, chemicals, car care products, car interior care products, car external care products, car interior cleaning products, car external cleaning products, upholstery cleaners, windshield cleaners, polisher and protective gel, condationer wax, quick wax, antifog, defroster, windshield washer, windshield washer climax, protective gel, car wax, rim cleaners, chafer, chafing, chafing fuel, gel chafing fuel
    During over ten years being in service in Ankara our company placed itself in prestigious point in the sector with Autoline and Climax brands. With this experience under “Climax”
    Telephone: +90 312 394 55 36 Address: Güleryüz San. Sit. 30. Cad. 529. Sok. N:7 İvedik Org. San. Böl. Ankara, Turkey
  • auto washing, steam car wash, auto cleaning, auto detailed cleaning, auto hair salon, car wash machines, auto-washing machines
    Telephone: +90 212 322 09 19 Address: Göktürk Merkez Mh. Çamlık Cd. No: 21/ C Eyüp İSTANBUL
  • cleaning machines, industrial cleaning machines, auto cleaning machines, auto washing machines, self-service car wash, self-service car cleaning machines
    cleaning machines, industrial cleaning machines, auto cleaning machines, auto washing machines, self-service car wash, self-service car cleaning
    Telephone: +90 549 494 93 19 Address: Üçevler Mh.Nilüfer Ticaret Merkezi 61. Sk. No:11, Turkey
  • car protection paints, nanolife, wheel, wheels, nano car storm slider, glass protector foam, brushless car wash, auto tire shine, engine cleaner, wheel cleaner, detailed interior cleaning fluid, biological bacteria deodrizer, enzyme deodorizer, biological enzyme cleaning products, maintenance products, water repellent
    Şirketimiz oto bakım ve temizlik ürünleri ithalat ve imalatının yanısıra her türlü endüstriyel kimyasal temizlik ürünlerinin imalatı ile
    Telephone: +90 212 493 31 12 Address: Giyimkent Sitesi, İstanbul Ticaret Sarayı K.4 No.288-289-290 Esenler, Turkey
  • acid water for battery, alcohol for brake system, antimist preventive, auto additive products, auto perfumes spray, auto shiner silicones, auto windscreen antifreeze, automotive additives and maintenance products, car care products, car wash shampoo, cleaning sponge, cleaning substances, engine additives, eu de cologne, exhuast smog preventer, fuel injector pump cleaner, leather protectant, pure water for battery, rain water wax, room sprays perfumes, silicone milk polish, sprey defroster, tyre polish cleaner
    The company was built in 1940. In 2006 the company began production of household chemistry and cosmetics. The company is located in the industrial zone of BUSAN. The company has 8
    Telephone: + 90 332 345 1870 Address: Büsan Org. San. Sit. Kosgeb. Cad. Karatay/ Konya, Turkey
  • car wash equipment, car washing machine, carpet washing machines, carpet wringing machine, cleaning machines, steam car wash, steam car wash machine
    Our company , industrial cleaning machines , auto cleaning machines and carpet cleaning equipment sales and service to provide services kurulmuştur.şirketi our carpet extractors
    Telephone: +90232 449 14 88- 0533 213 48 61 Address: Gıda Çarşısı 1202/2 Sokak No:55 Yenişehir / İzmir, Turkey
  • carpet cleaning machine, auto carpet cleaning machines, carpet extractors machines, carpet dryer, steam car wash machine, floor cleaning machines, cleaning machines, street sweeping truck, auto washing machine, mosque cleaner, carpet cleaning machine prices, 2nd carpet cleaning machines, carpet cleaning machines, carpet cleaning machine used household, industrial carpet cleaning machine prices, home carpet cleaning machines, vacuum cleaners
    WELCOME Our firm has been founded in Istanbul under the name TEMAK INDUSTRIAL CLEANING IND. INTERNATIONAL TRADE LTD. CO. It has become one of the greatest cleaning technologies
    Telephone: +902163272300 Address: Hamidiye Mah. Eyyubi Cad. Lütuf Sok No.14 34925 Sultanbeyli-İstanbul/Türkiye
  • paint group, roll group, hand tools, brush group, cleaning group, pole group, oil paint brushes, robot brushes, shortcut brushes, whitewash brushes, pencil brushes, varnish brushes, satin paint roll, polyamide paint roller, sponge roll, interior roll, crystal paint roller, wool rolls and epoxy paint, roller grill, car wash brushes, floor brushes, bush brushes, carpet brushes, door six brushes, steel wire brushes
    Telephone: 5499420 Address: Esot Sanayi Sitesi N Blok No.: 6 İkitelli
  • auto cleaning machines, car cleaning machines, car washing stations, car washing, car washing equipments
    Telephone: (90)(212) 544 50 60 Address: FERHATPASA C.NO.10 A BLOK NO .11 BAYRAMPAŞA
  • car care products, car wash shampoo, auto perfumes spray, alcohol for brake system, auto shiner silicones, sprey defroster, auto windscreen antifreeze, antimist preventive, auto additive products, fuel injector pump cleaner, cleaning substances, exhuast smog preventer, room sprays perfumes, pure water for battery, eu de cologne, acid water for battery, automotive additives, maintenance products, wheel cleaner, leather protectant, tyre polish cleaner, silicone milk polish, engine additives, cl
    Established in 2003. Our company LOKAL has been manufacturing automotive additives and maintenance products under the names LOCAL and CREFF. Our products are in these
    Telephone: +90 332 345 21 91 Address: Busan Org. San. 3. Sk No: 32 Karatay Konya , Turkey
  • battery electric floor washing machines, induction motor high vacuum machines, steam car wash machine, mosque cleaners, carpet dust removal machine, scrub carpet and polishers machines, carpet wringing machinery, wet dry cleaners, supercharged auto foam tank, stainless supercharged auto foam tank, coop cleaning machines, automatic carpet washing machinery, hot and cold car washing machines, roller blinds washing machine lotis, drive floor washer machines, quilt washing machines
    Telephone: 90(216)327 23 00 Address: EYYUBİ CAD.LÜTUF SOK.NO.14
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