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  • cosmetics, blushers, foundations, coversticks, make up setting sprays, makeup removals, powders, eyeliners, eyeshadows, eye penciles, mascaras, lip care products, glosses, lipsticks, french manicure sets, manicure sets, lacquers, nail care products, perfumes, women perfumes, woman perfumes, cosmetic, blusher, foundation, coverstick, make up setting spray, makeup removal, powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eye pencile, mascara, lip care product, gloss, lipstick, french manicure set, manicure set
    Alfar Kozmetik San. A.Ş. was established in 1980 with the principals of high quality manufacturing standarts and competitive prices Alfar Kozmetik is one of the most important and
    Telephone: +90 212 690 76 76 Address: Saadetdere Mahallesi, Peyami Safa Caddesi, No: 5, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Türkiye
  • makeup pads, makeup pad, top cotton, cotton swab, ear swabs, cotton swabs, makeup pad, makeup pads, top cottons, cotton swabs, ear swab, cottons, cotton
    Established in 1967 as a sole proprietorship, BAMBİNO took the first step into the market with the production of baby feeding bottles and linoleum at the beginning. The company
    Telephone: +90 344 236 06 82 Address: Erkenez Mah. Mustafa Yılmaz Cad. No: 3/A, Daulkadiroğlu, Kahramanmaraş, Turkey
  • minibar, minicasa, wine cabinet, mirror, hair dryer, iron and ironing board, bathroom accessories, minibars, mirrors, bathrooms, laundry, kitchen equipment, makeup mirror, kettle, tray set, suitcase, rubbish bin, weighing, blood storage cabinet, cabinets
    ENTA A.Ş. Dometic companies of Turkey, Turkic Republics, Cyprus general distributorship as well as Aliseo . 25 years in hotel business are continuing their activities as
    Telephone: +90 212 292 89 00 Address: İnönü Caddesi, Işık Apartmanı, No: 53, K:3, D:5, Beyoğlu, İstanbul, Turkey
  • nail lacquer, cosmetics, cosmetic, cosmetic products, makeup, perfume, perfumes, perfume for men, perfume for women, perfume for kids, kids perfume, men's perfume, women's perfume, ladies perfume, perfume 20ml, perfume for kids 20 ml, perfume for women 20ml, perfume for men 20ml, perfume for women 100ml, perfume for men 100ml, tester perfume, tester perfume for men, tester perfume for women, tester perfume for ladies, tester perfume for kids, 100 ml perfume, tester parfümler
    OUR VISION Is serving to everyone around the world and being indispensable in their lives with our products with100% satisfaction of our high quality products. OUR COMMON
    Telephone: +90 212 651 19 86 Address: Ortaköy Mah., Yeldeğirmen Cad., No: 17/1, Silivri, İstanbul, Turkey
  • food, foods, cans, vegetable, vegetables, fruit, fruits, food products, cosmetic, cosmetics, personal care, make-up products, cosmetics, disposable product, disposable products, durable consumer goods, make-up, skin care, can, cosmetic, food, hair, makeup, skincare, deodorant, candy, cream, vegetables, fruits, drink, haircare, coffee
    Mach is a foreign trade company wich established in 2015. Mach contains 55 brands and hunders of products such as cosmetics, food, consumer durables and dispoable
    Telephone: +90 212 438 18 44 Address: Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Gürpınar Yolu Caddesi Keleş Plaza, NO:2 Kat 6 NO:105-106 Beykent/Büyükçekmece-İstanbul, Turkey
  • bags, bag, sport bags, briefcases, makeup bags, beach bags, travel bags, backpacks, laptop bags, cosmetic bags, school bags, leather briefcases, promotional bags, pen holder, hand bags, drawstring bags, kindergarten bags, shopping bags, ladies bag, baby bags, paper bags, garment bags, luggage, designer bags
    As Turkey's Gençler Çanta bag manufacturer, was established in 1997 in Istanbul. Backpacks as you will see from our web site content, sport bags, briefcases, makeup bags,
    Telephone: +90 212 567 92 65 Address: Terazidere Mahallesi, Filiz Sokak, No: 197, Bayrampaşa, İstanbul, Türkiye
  • shampoo chair, barber unit, waiting chair, styling unit, hair dresser, hair cut, manicure, pedicure, barber chair, beauty equipments, beauty equipment, barber equipment, barber equipments, beauty, barber, makeup, make up, barberunit, barber unit, barbermirror, barber mirror, barberchair, barber chair, stylingunit, styling unit, barbershop, barber shop, makeup chair, hairdresser seat
    With 15 years in the coiffeur furniture industry,renewing it self with each passing day,Hanoğlu has been operating in the direction to turn the elegance of firnuture to the
    Telephone: +90 541 234 73 60 Address: İkitelli org. san. bölgesi, isdök sanayi sitesi, sosyal tesis plaza binası, A Blok, No:1, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • wet towel, wet towels, make up remover, make up removers, make up remover wet wipes, make up remover wet wipe, makeup remover, makeup removers, makeup remover wet wipes, makeup remover wet wipe, wet wipe, wet wipes, hygienic wet wipes, hygienic wet wipe, hygienic makeup removers, hygienic makeup remover, hygienic make up removers, hygienic make up remover, hygienic wet towel, hygienic wet towels, air freshener, hair spray, automatic air freshener
    We manufacture and supply wet wipes amd make-up
    Telephone: +90 212 485 36 30 Address: Kavaklı Sanayi, Kıble Sokak, No:11, Silivri, İstanbul, Turkey
  • cosmetics, cosmetic products, skin care products, turtlepin, micro needles, solution needles, injector needles, needle devices, permanent makeup devices, permanent makeup needles, eye creams, face creams, uv protection creams, masks, face masks, algae masks, moisturizing creams, hyaluronic masks, hyaluronic tonics, hyaluronic moisturizing tonics, gel serums, moisturizing serums, moisturizing gel serums, cleansing milks, hyaluronic cleansing milks, peat mud masks, mud masks, peel-off algae masks, antibacterial tonics, antibacterial gel masks, gel masks, wrinkle filling serums, skin tightening serums, rejuvenating creams, creams, serums, tonics, mandelic acids, lightening creams, smoothing creams, de-pigmentation creams, whitening cocktails, peelings, enzymatic peelings, eye gel masks, eye masks, under-eye pads, face makeup removers, eye makeup removers, makeup removers
    Maya Pharma, is the head office in Istanbul, Turkey serves all our valued customers worldwide. Founded in 2009, our company is based on very old experiences. Our esteemed and
    Telephone: +90 530 828 90 24 Address: Şehremini Mahallesi, Börekçi Vali, Sokak, No:20-13, İstanbul, Turkey
  • cosmetics, cosmetic products, makeup cosmetics, makeup products, skin care, skin care products, skin care cosmetics
    Telephone: (90)(422) 326 01 13 Address: CEZMİ KARTAY CAD. NO:30/E
  • cosmetics beauty packaging, organic bamboo lotion bottle, eco friendly plastic packaging, acrylic cream jar, emulsion vacuum bottle, skin care container, euro dropper bottles, liquid container, wooden makeup packaging, luxury packaging
    Guangzhou SHOW commodity Co.,Ltd is a professional commodity packaging manufacture, focusing on the plastic packaging, especially the advanced cosmetics packaging research,
    Telephone: 86 020 31074187 Address: No.68, Hanxingzhi Street, Zhongcun Street, Panyu District
  • makeup, makeup tools, makeup brush
    SHENZHEN KARINA MAKEUP TOOLS LTD is BSCI, Sedex and ISO9001(certification No.07614Q12035ROM), ISO14001 (07614E10647ROM) and Ethical Audit approved factory, Established on
    Telephone: +86-755-33812628 Address: Building A, Lianrongda Estate, No. A Dashuitian industrial Estate ,Guanlan town, Longhua District , Shenzhen, China
  • cosmetics, personal care products, home cleaning products, cleaning products, cleaning chemicals, soaps, wet wipes, wet towels, liquid soaps, cosmetic, personal care product, home cleaning product, cleaning product, cleaning chemical, soap, wet wipe, wet towel, liquid soap, body wet towels, pocket wet wipes, diapers, diapers mini, diapers midi, diapers junior, diapers maxi, baby shampoos, shampoos, shower gels, intimate wash wipes, makeup cleaning wipes, air fresheners, powder detergents
    As Truva Seramik and Kozmetik we manufacture and supply cosmetics, personal care products, home cleaning products, cleaning products, cleaning chemicals, soaps, wet wipes, wet
    Telephone: +90 242 421 25 30 Address: Altınkale Mah., Nazım Hikmet Cad., 4152 Sok. No. 2 Döşemealtı, Antalya, Turkey
  • fe manicure and pedicure, fe condom, fe oral care, fe makeup cotton, fe ear rods, fe shower fibers, fe hair brush comb, stop cigarette filter
    Telephone: (90)(216) 425 89 55 Address: CUMHURIYET CAD.ŞEHIT ER CENGIZ KARCIOĞLU SK.NO:4 K:2 BEYKOZ
  • cosmetics, cosmetic products, personal care products, makeup cosmetics, make-up
    Telephone: 3653383 Address: ZÜBEYDE HANIM CADDESİ NO:120/A KARŞIYAKA / İZMİR
  • food, food products, foodstuff, cleaning products, comsetics, makeup cosmetics
    Telephone: (90)(212) 510 22 15 Address: ZEYTINBURNU S.NIZAM MAH DEMIRC ST.G.6.CD.GAL.IŞ.ME.NO:83/27 ZEYTİNBURNU
  • beauty profession course, beauty expertise course, prosthetic nail training, permanent makeup training, hand-foot care course, laser hair removal training, professional make-up course, gold shape, cosmetic
  • soap, slipper, cosmetic, sewing kit, match, handkerchief, makeup cotton, brush
    Telephone: 336 36 46 Address: Örnek mahallesi Semerkant caddesi No:21 Ataşehir
  • esthetics, mesotherapy, treatment of acne, permanent makeup, laser epilation, laser hair removal, ingrown toenail therapy
    Telephone: 4644019 Address: 1527 SOKAK NO:22 ALSANCAK / İZMİR
  • cosmetics, cosmetic products, personal care products, parfumes, makeup supplies
    Telephone: 5930909 Address: tuzla org san böl kimya org san sit e1 blokno 14 tepeören tuzla
  • epilation, tattoo clearing, skin care, led mask, dermapen treatment, stain treatment, permanent makeup, regional slimming, cavitation, radiofrequency, cold lipolysis, g5 massage, lymph drainage
    Telephone: (212) 4584393 Address: MESİHPAŞA MH.LALELİ CD.NO:5/1 FATİH
  • food products, foodstuff, cosmetics, makeup cosmetics, cleaning products, cleaning chemicals
    Telephone: (90)(224) 215 54 21 Address: ESKİ YALOVA YOLU İNÖNÜ CAD.NO: 463
  • cosmetics, cosmetic products, personal care products, parfumes, makeup supplies
    Telephone: 3977915 Address: Anadolu Bulvarı ATB iş Merkezi A Blk N.15 Macunköy
  • makeup materials, makeup cosmetics, cosmetic products, cosmetics, eyeliner
    Telephone: (90)(212) 640 46 40 Address: KOCATEPE MH. YEL SK. NO:25 BAYRAMPAŞA
  • cosmetics, cosmetic products, makeup cosmetics, face care, skin care
    Telephone: (90)(216) 479 12 00 Address: ÇAVUŞBAŞI CUMHURIYET CD.194 BEYKOZ
  • Cologne, Cacao Oils, Cosmetic, Cosmetic Supplies, Beauty Products, Care Cosmetic, Eco Cosmetic, Lipstick, Lotion, Makeup, Perfume, Cosmetic Factories, Cosmetic Producers, Travel Cosmetics, Skin Care Cosmetic, Shampoo, Hair Care Cosmetic, Balm, Cologne, Cream, Degreaser, Deodorant, Diaper, Fragnance, Lubricant, Moisturizer, Napkin, Nappies, Nappy, Pad, Parfume, Peeling, Roll-On, Serum, Soap, Softener, Tonic, Toothpaste, Vaseline, Wax, Wipe, Sun Cream, Airless Cosmetic
    Telephone: 90 216 479 12 00 Address: Baklacı Mh. Fatih Cd. Çevre Sok. No:20 Çavuşbaşı - Beykoz / İstanbul TURKEY
  • jewelry, hand and body care, make-up bag, makeup set, cosmetic, bag, electronic, office, table sets, pen, office products, table sets, pen
    Telephone: 5413273400 Address: DEMİRTAŞ MAH. PAÇACI SOK. NO:7/101, İSTANBUL
  • shoe brush machine, baby care station, makeup mirror, laundry spinning hotel type, coat hangers, towel rack hotel type, hygienic pad bag, floor caravan hotel avm type, paper tissue box, combined systems under plaster, trouser, disinfectants, antiseptic soap, surface disinfection, water sebural disinfectant, stainless shelf systems, hair dryer in hotel type, shampoo dispenser models hotel type, toilet brush models
    Telephone: (90)(216) 441 82 04 Address: ALTAYCESME MH.ISTIKLAL CD.BEGO NYA SK UMUT AP.N:59 DÜKKAN : 2 MALTEPE
  • cosmetics, cosmetic products, personal care products, parfumes, makeup supplies
    Telephone: 4258701 Address: Fatih Sultan Mehmet Cad. Otağcı Sok. No:1 Ak İş Merk. Kat: 3-4 Beykoz
  • cosmetic products, cosmetics, skin care products, makeup cosmetics, makeup products
    Telephone: (90)(224) 243 15 00 Address: BTSO ORG. SAN.BÖLG.75.YIL BULVARI DEMİRCİLER SİT. G BLOK NO:14 NİLÜFER
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